Working closely as a multidisciplinary team to meet the individual needs of children and their families

Working closely as a multidisciplinary team to meet the individual needs of children and their families

Our Approach

Customized &
Individualized Programs

At The Birch Centre we acknowledge that every child is unique and no one intervention will meet the needs of every child. Our programs are tailored to your child’s individual needs. Together we collaborate to identify your child’s goals, strengths and needs, while working on priority areas first. We deliver evidence- based Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy by qualified professionals, giving our clients a chance at maximizing the individual’s potential in the home, school, and community to create lasting change throughout their lives. Our therapists incorporate the child’s motivation and interests to build new skills and address any behaviours that may interfere with learning. Our team strives to create a fun, supportive, and engaging learning environment to help your child succeed and grow. This allows children to find joy in the process and become lifelong learners.

Team Approach Colloboration

Our experienced and dedicated team are passionate about helping each of our clients reach their full potential. Specializing in developing and implementing strong evidence-based programs that focus on teaching social skills, functional life skills, and social communication. We collaborate with everyone on your child’s treatment team such as teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists and any other professional to promote consistency and communication for your child’s success. You know your child the best, which is why we always encourage parent feedback during their child’s developmental learning journey.

Centre-based Therapy

Children benefitting from programs at the TBCLD enjoy learning in a structured environment that helps with transitions into routine-based situations outside of our centre. This can be very helpful for children heading into the school system for the first time, a place where daily expectations and schedules are already in place. It allows for children to regularly interact with peers and build communication and social skills, and also practice school readiness skills. We are committed to providing personalized ABA Therapy for children ensuring every child has the skills needed to thrive in school, home, and the community, which is led by trained and knowledgeable staff of Instructor Therapists, with ongoing supervision by a Senior Therapist. This type of setting is ideal for learning new skills in a setting that is less familiar than their own home and allows for their comfort zone to shift, yet still allowing each child to feel safe and supported. Centre-based learning provides access to a variety of positive reinforcements and the option to practice moving between one-to-one learning and group learning environments.

Data Driven Progress

Measuring your child’s progress with our Portia ABA Clinic Software allows for timely changes, allows for more hands-on time and visibility into the child’s progress. This electronic data collection system saves valuable time from their therapy as data shows all team members exactly when your child is ready to progress to the next step in the treatment plan. Portia’s automated target progression and reporting ensures treatment decisions are based on reliable data and precision.

Diversity and Inclusion

TBCLD works on cultivating an inclusive culture in an effort to promote a healthy and open learning environment. Cultural awareness sensitivity and understanding are embedded in how we train our staff and provide services to our clients. We understand each child and family is unique and services should be sensitive and respectful to the family’s culture, beliefs, education, values, and life experiences. The Birch Team is committed to services that are culturally and linguistically important to each family. Your personal values and family beliefs are important to us.

Quality ABA Treatment

The Birch Centre aims to provide quality centre-based ABA Therapy. Meeting goals on time is important to us, and we want to share these successes with you. The specialized reports our BCBAs use to guide their treatment decisions also provide you with a monthly snapshot of your child’s progress toward goal mastery. Our teams will track and adjust goals allowing your child’s progress to be optimized continually. TBCLD focuses on a combination of Discrete Trial Training (DTT) techniques and Natural Environment Teaching (NET). This combined approach helps children accomplish their individualized goals across specific developmental domains. Families are encouraged to participate in the therapeutic process and contribute their ideas and preferences to the treatment plan.

Our Process






Treatment Plan


During the initial intake process, we will work together with the family to gather information to get to know the child’s strengths, needs, interests, and include the family’s highest areas of need related to their child.


The Birch Team will conduct an assessment of your child’s skills to develop a unique treatment plan. The clinical team will directly observe and assess a child’s performance across a wide range of developmental domains. Once direct and indirect assessments are completed and analyzed the clinical team will discuss results with the family and collaborate to determine priority goals for the child. Ongoing and regular reviews of the assessments are completed every six months.

3.Treatment Plan

Your child is paired with a team consisting of a Senior Therapist, BCBA and Instructor Therapists. This team will work together to deliver a customized intervention treatment plan to meet the individual needs of the child and monitor and evaluate the plan on an ongoing basis to ensure continued progress.
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