We are dedicated to providing a supportive and nurturing environment where your child can learn and grow.


ABA Treatment

ABA and IBI Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis is an evidence-based approach based on the principles of learning and behaviour. ABA/IBI therapy aims to improve communication, social, and learning skills through reinforcement strategies and natural environment teaching.

ABA Treatment

Parent Coaching

Goal specific techniques and strategies to support your child by incorporating them into daily routines and activities. Promotes positive parent-child interactions.

ABA Treatment

Social Skills Programs

Intervention based on naturalistic strategies that promote skill generalization,maintenance and parent involvement. Work to enhance your child’s age-appropriate social skills through a combination of individual or group formats with ongoing program evaluation. Fun, engaging, and interactive learning environment.

ABA Therapy


Upon completion of your child’s assessment, Consultation Services provide a better understanding of your child’s needs, family goals, and intervention strategies. For a professional opinion on how their child is progressing, observations can take place at school, daycare, or home environment. Ongoing consultation can also include collaboration, problem solving and progress updates.

ABA Therapy

School Readiness

Developing school readiness skills for their child is a common goal for many parents. ABA Therapy can help prepare your child to transition into a traditional classroom setting. Our aim is to help your child gain the necessary skills such as task completion, self-care, following instructions, participating in group activities, transitions, and responding to peer requests for a successful transition into school

Our Mission

The Birch Centre is a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing ABA - based services and support to improve the lives of children and their families. Our goal is to create a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters the development of each child to reach their full potential. Our team values working collaboratively with the client, family, therapists, school, and medical providers. We believe in a total team approach to ensure that our clients have access to the most appropriate services to meet their individual needs. At TBCLD we focus on goals based on the needs of the whole family, as family involvement is essential in creating positive outcomes for your child.